food equipment repair in Joplin, MO

chris & jennifer Burgess 

Since 1987,  when we as a family went into business, Jennifer has performed multiple jobs within the business and has an extensive grasp on every aspect.  Joined by her husband, in 1996, they now operate the day to day business of the company.  Chris, our service manager, is not only knowledgeable in over 100 different brands of equipment in both service and sales, he has a unique perspective which provides experienced choices for you and your company when it comes to new equipment decisions. We hope that we have the opportunity to do business with you soon. 

Rodger & Kathy Smith

Born and raised in this area our entire lives encourages us to put back into our community, we are a family owned business and have been for over 25 years.  That uniquely qualifies us to care extensively about your service, because  it directly reflects back on us as a family. We  have owned and operated this company since 1987, and both worked in the business previous to owning it. With over 43 years of experience we are proud of our dedicated knowledgeable staff, if we can't help you we will be happy to find someone who will. 

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